Why donate?

  • only 40 percent of the patients can pay for their treatment
  • Extension of an orphanage
  • Education 25 percent oft the actual costs – the children don’t pay for more than
  • “water project”
  • boring wells on other stations
  • Pay for employees
  • Feeding the poor in years of drought
  • Pay for electricity, water and food
  • Fuel is as expensive as here
  • Renovation, maintaining an constructing buildings
  • the organization of the “Mothers and Missionaries of the Holy Cross” is a recognized charity in Germany and is entitled to issue receipts of donations.

You can be sure your donation reaches the children and the poor 100 percent and without loss by administrative bureaucracy.

So you can donate:

Dispense to the account of DONNER+REUSCHL Bank. The foundation Mutter Maria Stieren is the german district office of the brothers and sisters of the holy cross in munich where they run a nursing home.

Your donation will be sent 100 % to Tanzania without any administrative costs and it is guaranteed that your money will reach the poor.

If you need a receipt for your tax return, send an email to